Sunday, November 13, 2016

Amusing Jokes

Amusing Jokes

Don’t say; they will be afraid!

One beautiful day, all the family members, namely father, son, daughter and mother were watching a movie. (They had watched this movie many times.)

Suddenly, the daughter spoke “Dad; this pig is going to die afterwards.”

Father nodded with acceptance; the mother also nodded her head taking daughter’s side.

But the son was very much angry on her and told not to talk further. When asked by father “Why are you angry on her?”

He with innocence in this face answered, “All of us know the pig is going to die, but pig itself does not know that. So please do not scare pig.”

Just next to it

Wife – Baby, it’s around 10 pm, and you are not yet at home, where are you?

Husband – Babe, I am at a place where once we used to be. Do you remember ABC shopping mall, where once when we were there, you liked one of the expensive dresses and I told that I do not have the budget right now, we would buy it some day?

Wife very excitedly – “Yes I perfectly remember. Thank you, love. Thank you so much.”

Husband interrupted – “Listen, I am just next to it in a salon. I am coming in few minutes.”

Long-term Relationships

There was a couple next to my table in a coffee shop, and they both were reading some book. They were showing each other some of the good write-ups in the book. I was surprised to check out what they were reading and sharing. They were laughing sometimes and regretting sometimes.

Suddenly both of them started fighting with each other and started beating each other. The crowd gathered. I just took the book and watched the title. I was surprised when I read the title-

“How to be with someone in a long-term relationship.”


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